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A few years in the making but here is my work

Flat water, Back water, High Water, No Water

We have what you need to play all day, everyday.

InSpired by Natural Forms, Mathematics, and Humanity

nature calls

We are drawn to the natural forms and shapes in our surroundings. Nature provides us questions and answers to many thoughts as we move through our world. I am inspired by the natural form and enjoy being it into different mediums to evoke visceral inquisition.

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Discovering New materials

Evolution demonstrates a requirement for great design. As we evolve through generations we find new materials to interact with, communicate with and share meaningful thoughts with. It is one of my goal to find materials we share a history with and create works of art that bring generations together to have meaningful thoughts and memories.

Art Locations

Here are a few places I have perminent or temporary work displayed

Chattanooga TN

Fortitude 1 - Sculpture on Main

Blue Springs MO

Fortitude 3

Bartow FL

Growing Seasons - Downtown Courtyard

Wilmington NC

Painting and a Sculpture purchased by UNCW in 2008 & 2010 displayed on campus.

Roanoke VA

Art Walk in Elmwood

Indiandapolis il

White River State Park


Created over 5+ years to invite people to look at nature for its secrets. This series is a group of oak leaves curled around a stem that follows the Fibonacci Spiral. This spiral is found in many living things and is important to us all. To some this sequence is known as the spiral of life. For me it is a reminder to gain knowledge as I grow and that life itself may never end.  

Residing in Chattanooga TN 
The FIrst of Five

Fortitude 1 was an extension of an idea that we are loosing touch of nature and forgetting about it. I wanted to mix forms of nature with the feel of and urban setting to remind viewers of their relationship with nature. It has since found a perfect home along Main St. in Chattanooga TN.

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Inspired by Southern Oaks
Fortitude 2

A lot like F1 but with a new patina. Spanish moss and the colors of the sea pushed me to think about how this piece will fit into the South Carolina landscape.

See MOre
Blue Springs'
Fortitude #III

With new proportions that include the golden ratio this piece was designed to emphasis balance, nature and man.

Fortitude IV

Looking at modern east coast beach architecture and seeing blue influenced me to powdercoat in this particular blue. I sanded back to the steel in a few places to see the contrasting rust colors and add an element of time to this beauty.

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Shiny and tiny
Fortitude 5

Making mockups for the final fortitude, I think a reflective surface will pull in viewers while placing them into their changing habitat. The only thing left is to scale it up for public use.

PEAK Between Trees

The sense of space, form, balance and movement are essential to all living things and what makes up the world around us. I love working with these elements and principles to share with others these simple joys.

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Orion Series

This series was inspired by the New Mexican landscape and the people that lived here. Wile living and exploring this landscape I found a very unique element and history very specific to the region. Throughout New Mexico classic cars coming out of the earth. These cars were ineffectively placed here to prevent eroding during flash flood season in the middle of the century and have now become relics.

My favorite was a 1956 chevy that was filled with bullets and char. On it's surface it had amazing graffiti style ideographs etched with a wax graffiti crayon over the rusted sheetmetal of the car. They resonated with the landscape and the people perfectly. These images hooked me to think about the land, the sky and the people that are walking the earth looking at the same stars. This area of the world has preserved it's history and the spirits that seem to connect the landscape to the skies above.


These are my paintings or sketches for 3d projects I am dreaming up. They start as a way to work out details in my head while having the general shapes down on canvas. One or two live with me everyday to allow myself a place to focus, break apart visuals or just let go.


Best in Show, Salmagundi XIV, Rocky Mount Arts Center 2010 

First Place, Project Design, Mayfaire 2010 Contemporary Sculpture Award

See more of my Resume and list of Accomplishment  HERE

 Blue Springs!

City of Blue Springs-Public Art Commission-Fortitude III Dedication

Riviera SUP Demo Day
4/02/2016 - Turtle Beach
13th Anniversary and Mision Mexico Party

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